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Workshop with Agung 2019

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Workshop Objectives

The aim of the workshop is to let things unfold spontaneously not only for participants but also for Agung himself as a dancer, director and choreographer. To facilitate such a process, Agung will provide each artist with directorial mentor-ship to support to construct a site-specific improvised performance piece that will be presented on Days 7 and 8 of the residency. 

Time for forums and discussion will be also allocated, so that participants can share and exchange personal experiences and perspectives to assist our reflective process. 

Workshop Methodology

The workshop will take you on an exploration of understanding your own body through the methodology that Agung has established over many years;

Breathing - wind giving breath
Listening - wind whispering to the ear
Sensing - wind touching your skin
Floating - wind rocking you like a cradle

Each one of those methodologies are strongly connected with the four requirements to perfect the art of Javanese court dance, which are;

Sawiji - (concentration of mind)
Greget - (enthusiasm and consciousness)
Sengguh - (self-confidence)
Ora Mingkuh - (no surrender)

As a framework for the workshop, the Bedeyo dance philosophy will be utilised to help participants understand the strong connection between Javanese spiritual and animistic practices and such influences and adapt them to artistic forms. 

Schedule (JUNE 2019):

Schedule: Total of 9 full days

20th - artists arriving (Welcome dinner at 8pm)
21st - Training Day 1
22nd - Training Day 2
23rd - Training Day 3
24th - Training Day 4
25th - Training Day 5
26th - Preparation for showing and consultation with Agung
27th - Preparation for showing and consultation with Agung
28th - Showing Day 1
29th - Showing Day 2
30th - Excursion and Closing party


Costs: USD$360/AUD$500

> 9-day accommodation
> 3 meals
> workshop fee
> transport from/to the closest bus stop



No prior dance experience is required. This workshop is open to all forms of artistic practices - dancers, actors, performers, musicians, spoken word artists, media artists or anyone who are interested in the description of the workshop above. Agung, with the young local artists, will tailor some components for the areas of your interests.


Agung Gunawan

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Born in 1971 in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia, Agung Gunawan is a renowned and established dancer, an artistic director, a choreographer and a vocalist.

He was professionally trained and mentored for years by the legendary master Bagong Kusudiharjo and later by R.M. Ywandjono Suryobrongto and R.Ay. Sri Kadarjati in the form of classical court dance of Yogyakarta.  From 2000 to 2006, he worked as an assistant choreographer with Martinus Miroto at the Miroto Dance Company. During this time, he was involved in the production of 'Opera Java', a film directed by Garin Nugroho while touring across the globe.

Agung has received numerous nominations and awards both nationally and internationally, including 'The Best Feature Performance and The Best Choreographer' at the Cameronian Arts Awards (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 2013) and 'Best Choreographer' at Festival Wayang Wong Gaya (Yogyakarta, Indonesia: 2009).

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