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Pelem Festival

 Schedule 2018


September 2018
16th (Sun) - Artists arriving (Welcome dinner at 8pm)
17th (Mon) - Workshop Day 1 (Starts from 6am)
18th (Tus) - Workshop Day 2
19th (Wed) - Workshop Day 3
20th (Thu) - Workshop Day 4
21st (Fri) - Workshop Day 5
22nd (Sat) - Day off (can visit the beach, a cave or hot springs)
23th (Sun) - Opening Pelem Festival and the street performance
24th (Mon) - Night Performances by Local Artists 1
25th (Tue) - MAP (Moving Arts Performance) PELEM 1 & Night Performances by Local Artists 2
26th (Wed) - MAP PELEM 2
27th (Thu) - MAP PELEM 3
28th (Fri) - PELEM Festival Night Performance 1
29th (Sat) - PELEM Festival Night Performance 2
30th (Sun) - Full Moon Festival (closing night)
1st October - artists leaving


MAP PELEM (Moving Art Performance PELEM)
is a site specific performance series that uses 3 different sites / venues (15 mins max / performance).

Site 1: Palimo market (Traditional market as a symbol of social meeting place).
Site 2: Nature (Forest and Farm as a symbol of workplace).
Site 3: Limasan Sampang (Javanese traditionally architectural house as a symbol of home).

See the venue on Gallery page

All artists have the opportunity to perform at three locations/venues in three different day if they wish.  Every artist performs one show in one location per day (15mins Max).

Pelem Festival Night Performance
Each artists will be allocated to perform at Night Performance (15mins max).
The technical rehearsal timetable will be given after the workshop week.
All artists are to submit a synopsis 2 day prior to the performance night.

Collaboration Opportunity
The Artistic Director, Agung Gunawan can help you pair up with those who are keen to collaborate with other artists to make a collaboration piece while artists can organise it by themselves. 

(updated on 13/Aug/2018)