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Pelem Festival Workshop


Workshop Week

PELEM FESTIVal - Workshop Week

The aim of the workshop is to let things unfold spontaneously not only for participants but also for Agung himself as a dancer, director and choreographer. To facilitate such a process, Agung will provide each artist with directorial mentorship to support to construct a site-specific improvised showing piece at the end of the workshop. 

Time for informal reflective discussion will be also allocated throughout the 5 day workshop, so that participants can share and exchange personal experiences and perspectives to assist reflective process. 

Workshop Methodology

The workshop will take participants on an exploration of understanding your own body through the methodology that Agung has established over many years;

Breathing - wind giving breath
Listening - wind whispering to the ear
Sensing - wind touching your skin
Floating - wind rocking you like a cradle

Each one of those elements will be integrated with his understanding of Srimpi dance philosophy and historical contexts. By exploring through the four symbols represented in the Srimpi dance (fire, wind, water, and earth), participants are assisted to understand the strong connection between Javanese spiritual and animistic practices and influences on and adaptation into artistic forms.  It is hoped that participants will be able to grasp and bodily experience the meaning of the 'four requirements to perfect the art of Javanese court dance' through this process;

Sawiji - (concentration of mind)
Greget - (enthusiasm and consciousness)
Sengguh - (self-confidence)
Ora Mingkuh - (no surrender)

Workshop Schedule (September 2018): 

16th (Sun) - Artist Arriving

17th (Mon) WS Day 1
18th (Tue) WS Day 2
19th (Wed) WS Day 3
20th (Thu) WS Day 4
21st (Fri) WS Day 5

Daily Schedule: 

6am-8am: Early Morning Session
10am-12:30pm: Morning Session
3pm-5.30pm: Afternoon Session
7pm-9pm: Night Session
(Total: 9 hours per day)


No prior dance experience is required. This workshop is open to all forms of artistic practices - dancers, actors, visual artists, performers, musicians, spoken word artists, media artists or anyone who are interested in the description of the workshop above.