ImPermanence Production



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My name is Takashi Takiguchi and I am a Melbourne-based dancer and a creative producer who came to Japan originally.  My dance and artistic career started in 2013 when I was 38 years old.  Since then, I have performed at numerous festivals as a performer and have involved with establishing and managing numerous national and international performing arts festivals in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, Malaysia and Melbourne.  

Like many other independent artists, ImPermanence Productions is also managed by myself. 

My philosophy comes down to the 2 course of actions - ‘inquiry’ and ‘awareness’ without judgement

The items go on like this:

What is arts, what is ‘new’, what makes a work ‘contemporary’, what is a real ‘challenge’, what forms a body movement, what memory our bodies carry and in what way, what is dance then, how arts benefit to me and the broader community, what money does to us, what is norms, what and who is dis-ability, what is community, what the institutions do to empower/disempower artists mostly with good intentions, who has power and do I have any power over whom, if so, am I exercising the usage of such correctly, why we need to think all of these critically, and how arts can help shed a light on responding to these questions.

My aesthetic focus is the concept of ‘a layer’ - a layer of diversity, intersectonality, humanity, egos, power, creativity, aesthetics, artistic medias, sensory and somatic perceptions and sensations.

(17 June 2019)