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MAP Moreland

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Co-producer & Artistic Director: Tony Yap
Where: Siteworks in Brunswick
When: (Sun) 3rd Feb 2019
Time: 5pm - 8pm
Supported by Siteworks


MAP Moreland begins its inaugural festival at Siteworks in Brunswick. The theme is ‘Traces of Transformation’ with a specific focus on the ancient Greek concept of  ‘Arachne’s Twine’.

MAP Moreland will inhabit the main two-story ‘house’ at Siteworks. Artists perform and install their work within the labyrinth of rooms like nooks within 'a house-body'/  ‘Arachne’s Twine’ relates to the creation of a network as in the weaving of a web. Every artist’s work will represent a kind of thread in a spider’s web that exists in a “nook.”

In this space the artists are not so much interpreting narrative, but rather, tracing trajectories to make perceptible what they can do. Here in this spacio-temporal event, lines of narrative may emerge from undertones created when the artists map or cartograph their nomadic passages.  This is done using dance, sound, vision and movement without biases of formal language.

MAP Festival began in 2008 in Malaysia as the Melaka Arts and Performance Festival. Over the last decade, the model of site-specific performances have inspired sister festivals for Arts Island Festival & Pelem Festival (Indonesia), MAP Delhi (India), MAP Rainbow (Regional Victoria, Australia), Buffalo Fields Festival (Bangkok, Thailand), and Melbourne’s own Mapping Melbourne.  All these festivals began with site-specificity and have been a platform for artists from different cultures, disciplines and cultures to present works in individual, collaborative and always experimental creative practice.

Tony Yap
Artistic Director