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butohout! FestivaL

Melbourne, Australia

(image: Vikk Shayen)


ButohOUT! Festival is an annual festival celebrating creative communities and the profound performance art of Butoh.

Originally called Dance of Darkness, Butoh was conceived in Japan in the late 1950s during the social turmoil after the Second World War.

It goes beyond the confines of specific culture, gender, status and religion, aspiring to universal expression that touches the true nature of humanity.

Quick Facts

☞ Public workshops
☞ Kids workshops
☞ Performance season
☞ Community led
☞ Anyone can dance
☞ Annually held
☞ March-May
(subject to funding)

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2019 - ‘Forbidden Laughter’

(photo: Vikk Shayen)

(photo: Vikk Shayen)

Artistic director Yumi Umiumare
Producer Takashi Takiguchi
Dramaturg Maude Davey
Visual Installation Pimpisa Tinpalit
Sound Design Dan West
Photography Vikk Shayen
Graphic design Miffra Lee

Funded by Creative Victoria
Presented in partnership with
Abbotsford Convent Foundation

ButohOUT! 2019 will challenge the commonly held conception of Butoh as dark and grotesque, and will ask: “Can the audience laugh at Butoh? Can we portray comedy in Butoh?” In the Japanese language the word for laughter warau 笑う comes from the verb wareru 割れる to break, crack or split.

Exploring the theme, ‘Forbidden Laughter’,

ButohOUT! 2019 will focus on surreal comedy. The Butoh will draw upon cabaret, bouffon, burlesque, physical theatre and visual art installation.

Open to experienced dancers, newcomers, children and families, the ButohOUT! program presents an exciting opportunity for participants and audiences to learn from expert practitioners and experience this unique performance arts form.

Workshop participants have the opportunity to receive mentoring and present original solo and group works at the Convent during the public performance season in May.

(May 2019)