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War: Women and Resilience


> Symposium with stories and testimonials of war around the world
> Curated by Lella Cariddi with assistance by Caitlin Ewart Cassidy

We invite women and men to join us in this intergenerational program of readings, visual representations and audience participation, to communally give voice to remembrances of women who couldn’t forget the unimaginable horror unleashed by war on the innocent.

Presentations by Carmen Borg, Anne Cocks, Josie Composto-Eberhard, Janna Hilbrink, Natalie Senjov-Makohon, Jemana Pledger-Stellato, Judy Pile, Taka Takiguchi

”The Flow of Time” by Chizuko Shigeta (read by her grandson, Takashi Takiguchi)

World War II was the deadliest war in history, involving more than 30 countries. The war lasted for six years, ending in 1945. On 6 August 1945, the American bomber Enola Gay dropped a five-ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Chizuko Shigeta’s husband was one of the 80,000 people that perished that day in Hiroshima. Now at the age of 100, Chizuko Shigeta continues to capture the memory of Hiroshima in her ‘diary’ titled The Flow of Time. An excerpt from the diary will be read by her grandson, Takashi (Taka) Takiguchi.

(Photo: Courtesy of Chizuko Shigeta)

> Held at Co∙As∙It - Museo Italiano, Language & Cultural Centre