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彼のこの歌を聴くと本当の幸せを今日考えたことに気が付く。 PacitanにあるAgungの家にいると多くのことに気づかされる。常に人が出入りする家、人がつくりだす特別でありふれた空間。Respectと笑いと規律、そして食べ物と芸術が溶け合っている家。子どもから学ぼうとする大人が住む家。そんな大人から学ぶ子ども。煩雑な仕事が山ほどあるなかにある際限ない時間的スペース。それぞれが持つ長所を常に必要とされる環境。個が浮き出すためにではなく助け合うためにある集団。集団を助けて個が光る集団。



Winston Churchill's boy

Never in the field of human affection Had so much been given for so few attention Never in the field of human affection Had so much been given for so few attention

Winston boy Oh there he is packing quietly, alone You could mistake a clock ticking For a cricket cricketing When you're around him But I swear Nobody knows Nobody knows what's on this boys mind And nobody sees Nobody sees what he's been picturing

We all make a living by what we get But we make life by what we give By what we give But in some special circumstances This special circumstance Winston boy will have to earn a living before he earns enough living to give Where is your family Where are your loved ones Someone uttered Whilst he went on, crossing the channel Well, they say no man can be a prophet in his own country So I left, here I am Come on embrace me, hold me I'm your brother So whilst he kept on talking In his left pocket lays the prose of the magnificent Orwell It's right time he embraced a buttered guitar borrowed Borrowed from me Come to think about it I think a few years ago I heard him talk about how God blessed an eagle with 54 stars And maybe he's gone He's gone Wandering living for his kind of stars But if them stars If we think about it If them beautiful stars They tend to shoot through the night and you never find them again Never and never and never again And so don't you judge Winston Boy Don't you ever judge Winston boy One day this boy might be the man Though clearly nobody knows when or how One day this boy will stand in front of a bullet As the world gets him by the minute There you will tell the world where he's been and how Underground to upper ground in the depths of ?? he will surely survive They share his story with a cup of tears streaming from his eyes One day this boy will be fine One day this boy will be fine Better watch out now That day might be today