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One morning, Cars and Freeway

1st thing of 1st of August 2012

Sometimes, people think that you need to get away from the city to feel fresh and relax. It is true. At the same time, it is not entirely correct. The photo above looks nothing special, every day life scenery from the bridge overarching the highway in Fawkner in Melbourne.

Image the followings in your head.

1. the air is very chilly with crisp air, but you see blue sky coming out of the fog with rays of sunshine. 

2. You are standing on the bridge by yourself, there is no one around you. it is just big road with few cars on the road. There are bushy bush around, you can see the fish & chip shop in the distance.

3. You cycled all the way to here in the chilly condition. Your breath is visible and spreading away into the air for a few seconds and disappearing. You inhale crispy sharpy air from the nostrils that sting within, and feel you are one of the luckiest person to have such a great morning. Your cheek is slightly red.

4. you wonder how many drivers notice you taking a photo from the bridge, then you think 'maybe none' in such a busy rushy morning.

5. Then you have a second thought, 'wait a sec, if there is a guy like me who is taking a photo of traffic on Wednesday morning, then there is no reason why there aren't some who do the same from ground'.

You hit a road again to move on to work.