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Pao lady that we came across while she was working at the veg garden

We were on the clay-muddy road on the trekking road.  On such road conditions, you tend to walk with your head down all the time, thinking where you put forward your next step to. But this does not apply to the trekking guide, Robin, who walks 3 day trekking routes twice in the week.  Walking way ahead of us most of the time, he found another Pao locals to talk to, who were working on the vegetable patches.

As I said in the previous post, they were very shy first, but once the camera is set to photograph them (with permission), they turn into like a model. 
The girl on the above, she quickly fixed and adjusted the Pao traditional scarf on the head, and gave a artistic pose to a camera! Gosh, she knows what she is doing!  
During/after the photo shoot, her mother asked us all if we were partnered or single. I was only single male person, and quickly she displayed great deal of interests in me!  
 Hope they had a fun moment with us anyway!
Pao ladies working on the veg garden