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Soe Brothers Guest House

The sign from the street

There are so many guest houses wherever you travel in the South Asian countries, but in this small beloved town, Hpa-n (pronounced as [pa:n]) has few accommodations that foreigners can stay. This is because the most of the Karen state are prohibited for foreigners to enter due to ongoing conflicts and unrest and the town is the one as far east as you can go. The town of Hpa-n is very long in North - South, and it's just full of cuteness which I don't want to write much here!!

Soe Brothers Guest House is the one of the only two guest houses in town, accordingly to my 2009 Lonely Planet. I did not have a big expectation on them (as there mustn't have been any competition), but it was pretty clean and neat inside. The staff are pretty much tourist savvy and they are very helpful.  As you can see the photo below, there are two big city maps with recommended attractions with pictures that you can have a look on the wall.

Friendly staffs

The staff on the left wearing the Mon's traditional costume has worked here for just 3 months.   He was such an interesting guy to talk to, and we had a serious talk about the community development. His English is amazing and his work ethic is also pretty high!! The young man on the right has worked there for a couple of years since he was 16 years old.  He is now excitingly waiting to be 18 years old!  I had to tell him off couple of times, though, when I saw him chewing Burmese chewy (while I was smoking Cheroot)!!  The single room was $7 with no breakfast. The accommodation occupies three floors of the Burmese/English historic building in town. The view from the top floor gives you a chance to see locals walking up and down on the streets endlessly (they never run).  You can also sit on the comfy bamboo made chair at the balcony and feel great sensation of Burmese breeze :)