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Pao kids (look at the girl's pants at the back! it's Pao design) at one of the small villages on the way of trekking

We passed through numerous small villages while trekking. As all villages disperse over a wide area of the mountains, they are not accessible to 'city electricity', 'city water' nor 'city gas'. Plastic items in the area, therefore, very valuable for them to re-use as reliable containers for rain water etc.

You can see the girl waving at us in the picture. They often don't say 'hello' to us, just say 'bye bye'. The narrow dry soiled main road of the village must be a busy trekking path and they see many tourists passing through every day and remember the English greeting. Most occasions, we end up having a short conversation with these kids like this:

us: hello.
kids; bye bye :) bye bye :)

Scenery 10 mins walk from the village above