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Kalaw girls + A shy boy

Kalaw girls at Thu Maung Restaurant (on Union Hwy)

On the same day we arrived at Kalaw at 4AM, we went to the Burmese restaurant that Lonely Planet says 'the best Burmese restaurant in town', Thu Maung Restaurant.

We ordered a tomato salad (a dishful of sliced tomato tossed with sesame sauce- and other stuff,, cant remember), and some fried rice, with wiping sleepy red eyes. In the open restaurant next to the busy roads (where you walk up stirs towards mountain side for a good view of Kalaw town), there are 5-6 young girls working with the middle aged mistress and her 1 year old son.  There is only one boy working then at as a waiting staff - mainly sweeping floor and stuff and he was extremely shy (as you can tell from the photo!).

These three girls made us realise that Burmese very much LOVE being taken a photo IN PUBLIC. Girls who were running away from my camera first came to me minutes later as if they looked like 'ready now'. We took a picture and we thought that was such a best shot ever!, then the girl in the middle screamed when looking at it. I asked "what" in gesture, and she was pointing to the black dot on her forehead - a fly!! I took a data to the town's photo shops, and developed this pic and gave it to them because this was the best shot of all without a fly...