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Safety Standard of Taxi in Burma

No Seat belt provided in the taxi and taxi fares in Burma

Taxi that we got on to go the Thiri Mingalar market didnt have a seat belt. You don't have to worry about it too much as they drive slowly on the busy roads (lol). Also often the taxi like this offers cheaper rate in return of your safety :).

There is NO meter taxi exists in Burma even if they said so somewhere on the car. So you need to negotiate every time. 

In Yangon, if it's normal taxi, the fare starts at K1000 up to 1-1.5km. You can add K500 every 1km and this is rough calculation that we used. As an example, see the fares below that we paid.

  • Yangon International Airport to Yangon City: $10 (we didnt know much about the standard, but it should be K6000 one way)
  • Yangon City to Thiri Minglar Market (not sure how far it is from the CBD) K3500
  • Yangon City to Aung Minglar Bus Station: K7500

If you except cheaper fares like locals tell you (locals give you lots of great information from time to time), that's the fare for 'old (normal)' taxi, not 'air-con/new taxi'. You have to pay more for new taxis. Also bike taxi is cheaper, but not recommended for long distance or if you are not lone traveler. City buses/mini buses are quite cheap (very cheap) and the conductors are usually very helpful, but you need to be patient as they go around all little lines in town to pick up as many passengers as possible until you get destinations.

It is ok to ask around several taxi drivers to see who offers best fare for you, rather than you stick to one driver trying to put the price down (When I had to go to the bus station from the city, I was told by the guest house owner that K6000 should be enough from the Yangon City. First taxi, air-con one, I was told K10,000, the second one on the street, K8000, and then the third one was K7500 (run-down taxi with cheerful taxi driver chewing Burmese chewy). Prices on everything has risen up in Yangon, so you also be a realistic negotiator in Burma.