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Travel & Local Information


Local and Travel Information


These are the 169 countries that receive an Indonesia free visa. Please check if you need a visa to enter Indonesia on the Embassy web site of your country of origin. 

Please make sure to check the requirements of VISA.




> A Home Stay Style

Some accommodation is a home stay style, and we will organise them in negotiation with locals in the village. You will be placed at the local family house to live with/out them.  If you have any special requirements (ie. access requirements, bringing child/ren under 6 years old), please contact

> SACPA Villa

There are some villa style accommodations at the residency space, however, these options may/may not used depending on events. For example, these accommodation would not be available during Pelem Festival and some residency workshops when the group is over 10 people.


Make sure to drink a bottle of water all the times.

STRONGLY RECOMMEND to bring your own water bottle. 

Bath / shower - Just a friendly note that it is only cold water available at the bath, not hot/warm water, although it is relatively hot in May-October so there is not an issue for most people.  When feeling cold , please boil some water and mixed with cold water in the bucket, which we can help you to do so.


There is the Wifi available at the studio area, however, it is not stable in the village at a time. It is recommended that you buy a sim card, if you need to keep connected with your family and friends. 

Wifi at Pelem

There is a particular sim card provider, called SIMpati, that its speed is relatively fast.  It's around AUS$5 for 2GB (as of 1/1/2018).  SIMpati  seems to work best at Pelem.  You can purchase a sim card in Yokjakarta or at the Pelem village.

Regulations in Indonesia to access a SIM card for visitors has changed, and now it is sometimes difficult to buy a SIM card except the major airports. To avoid a hassle, you may purchase a sim card at airport, but be aware they rip you off sometimes! If it’s around AUS10 per sim, that would be reasonable (you can top up GB later once you have a sim).  



There is a laundry shop near the studio. You can drop it and they will delivery it once it's done.  It's quite cheap and it is good way to help the local business.  Otherwise, you can wash your clothes at the bathroom. 

Travel Insurance 

Although it is relatively safe country to travel (Jawa) on your own, it is always safe to have a travel insurance for just in case.  There is a local medical centre nearby the SACPA sites and the chemist shops are not hard to find. 

Alcohol Consumption

Majority of the locals in Pelem is Muslim and the alcohol consumption in public space is something that we need to be mindful. We will organise the social and designated place where you can drink and you can also purchase beer at SACPA cafe.

We recommend that you buy some at the airport on the way, if you wish, because alcohol in Java is more expensive.

Mosquito repellent / sun cream

It is a good practice to bring your own. The mosquito repellent is relatively expensive compared to other commodity prices in Indonesia (repellent and sun cream - maybe locals don't use them!?).